My main World of Warcraft character and the Guild Leader of Technologia (the unofficial official guild of TechRepublic) is an undead Warlock named Elkwinkarma. I have been wondering when Blizzard would produce one of their commercials featuring a warlock, and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what celebrity would be chosen to tout the Warlock class.

Well, we have the answer: Vic Mignogna. Yeah, I never heard of him either, but apparently he is a voice actor with a high geek factor in the world of anime. He voices Edward Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist, whatever that is.

As a representative of the Warlock class in the World of Warcraft, I guess it could have been worse. He seems a little too gleeful for an undead Warlock for my taste, but to each his own.

By the way, Technologia is always ready to welcome new players to the guild. It does not matter how experienced you are or how much wealth you can or cannot bring with you — we are just a casual guild playing for the fun and the socializing that goes with a multiplayer game. Look me up in-game some time.