For World of Warcraft players who regularly enjoy using the WoW Armory, keeping track of your characters and guild members just got easier. Blizzard has created a mobile WoW Armory application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The app is free, and can be downloaded from iTunes and the App Store on your iPhone. You must use your World of Warcraft account login information to use the app.

Like the online WoW Armory, you can use the Mobile Armory to search for items, characters, Arena teams, and guilds. The Mobile Armory allows you to look up other players and view their character profiles, including gear. It also includes a talent calculator, so you can you plan your next “re-spec” while waiting in line for coffee.

But the real allure of the Mobile Armory app is the ability to read World of Warcraft news (so you’ll know if your server is down before you get home) and to check your game calendar.

With the Mobile Armory app, it’s easier than ever to know if you have time tonight to see the new Harry Potter movie, or if you’re scheduled for a raid at 8:00.

Check out the TechRepublic photo gallery of Mobile Armory to get a sense for what you can expect with this new application.