From PvP creator Scott Kurtz:

“The PvP website is getting a major overhaul and facelift courtesy of the professionals over at Thin Slice.The archive
system is going to be transformed using ‘tags’.
The guys at Thin Slice

were trying to help me understand exactly what that means but my

luddite brain has a hard time digesting how new readers are going to be

able to discover PvP strips and storylines in an all new way. Expect these changes to take place in the next couple of

months. Work has just begun. More as it develops.”

PvP is my all-time favorite Web comic, and I’ve been reading

it for over five years. I actually have a bookmarks folder of saved

strips that I update whenever a new classic springs up.

When this new tagging system rolls out, I’m totally going to be one of

the fanboys plowing through the old stuff to append geekish keywords to

all my faves.

And you thought Web2.0 was about improving user productivity. Suckers.