Would an RSS aggregation service be useful to you?

We'd like your feedback on an RSS aggregation page at

We need your feedback. Our friends over at have launched a new feature called News around the Web, which basically aggregates a number of RSS feeds onto one page. It's a handy way to see, at a glance, all the tech news of the day.

Since is published on the same basic Web platform as, we can reuse most of the code behind that system and put a similar feature on our site. It's not a tremendous amount of work, but it's not trivial either.

So, before we spend the effort to deliver this feature, the question we have is, would such an RSS aggregation page be of interest to you? And if you think it would be useful, could you suggest a few developer-focused RSS feeds that you'd like to see included? Remember that we're looking for feeds that fit into the Builder mission—news, tips, and tricks for Web and software developers.

Use the Discussion links in this article to give us your feedback. And thanks for helping us improve the site.

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