I am putting together a training program.

The training is going to be designed specifically for on-line,

interactive presentation. I am looking for a few volunteers to sit

through (well, hopefully participate and ask questions and such) some

sessions to help me fine tune it.

I would like to have several

people at varying levels of expertise: a few beginners, some

intermediate, some advanced. I wouldn’t mind having one or two people

who don’t know anything about databases or SQL at all.


my test group, I plan to limit it to about 10 people for now. The first

session will either be beginning databases or beginning SQL.

I haven’t decided yet. I have some of the training completed and I’m

working on a couple of more pieces (in my spare time of course).


first session will only last an hour so I can get a feel for everything

and how it flows. I’ll ask for feedback on the quality of the

environment as well as the material itself.

I also don’t have a

date or time as of yet but since I hope for participation from anywhere

in the world, it will probably be done on the weekend.

Anyone with broadband internet, anywhere in the world, can participate.

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