Just when I was despairing that I was the worst writer ever to belly up to a keyboard, life throws me a bone. When I show up this morning, sMoRTy71 has a little message waiting in my inbox (CC’d to some of the divisional bigwigs, no less) informing me that my latest Geek Trivia column earned a blog mention on Engadget.

Of course, my loyal Geek Trivia readers are already shredding the finer points of my little column (a behavior I encourage, by the way), but other than the occasional reprint on Lockergnome, I’m not used to this kind of media play. I may suck royally as a fiction writer, but I guess I’ll always have trivia to fall back on.

Well, I’m off to stare at pageview reports for the rest of the day, hoping this Engadget thing can make this the most popular Geek Trivia ever.