Apple unleashed a flurry of new hardware and software announcements at WWDC 2017–from the latest versions of iOS and MacOS to new Mac and iPad hardware and its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor. Here’s a quick summary of the three biggest announcements from this year’s WWDC:

1. The iMac Pro

Apple needed to impress professionals in order to keep more of them from fleeing the Mac, and it went for shock-and-awe with the new iMac Pro that can scale up to an 18-core Intel Xeon CPU, 128GB of RAM, and a 4TB SSD drive. However, the base model starts at $4,999 and so this machine could be out of reach for most professionals. Apple would have likely been better off relaunching a high-powered Mac tower that’s more modular.

2. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Apple replaced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen that sports a thinner bezel and so it’s roughly the same size but offers 20% more usable screen space. It also upgraded the internal specs of both this new smaller iPad Pro and the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro. And with iOS 11, Apple also unveiled a bevy of iPad-specific features for multitasking, app switching, dragging-and-dropping, and on-screen keyboard tricks.

3. The HomePod

Apple has finally announced its competitor to the Amazon Echo. It’s called the HomePod and it does most of the same things as Alexa, but it features high end speakers and Apple claims stronger privacy protection. It costs $349, compared to $49 for the entry-level Echo. We’ll see if people are willing to pay that much more for better privacy, nicer speakers, and the ability to stream Apple Music. For professionals, the killer feature might be using it for hands-free calls and audio conferencing, if the quality is that good.