Once again, I’m stealing from John Scalzi, who pointed out this little gem of a Google video, wherein a 9-year-old kid curses out his mom

for refusing to bring him some chocolate milk while he plays his

Rainbow Six. Unfortunately for the little punk, he forgot to turn off

his Xbox Live headset mic before the meltdown, so the other

participants of the game were privy to (and able to record) an

inexcusable tantrum. In particular, one opponent makes a point of

getting a sniper-sight on the brat’s avatar, so you can enjoy an

up-close view of a virtual commando throwing a hissy fit about the

injustice of having to fetch his own freakin’ beverage.

If you’re squeamish about language or basic human decency, this is not

the video for you. If, however, you enjoy the sheer idiocy of a

spoiled, foul-mouthed preteen displaying an unbridled sense of

entitlement while his online peers silently mock him, then this is the

one video you must see.