After a number of delays, the much-anticipated XO laptop finally went into mass production. CNET reported that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer started producing the XO early Tuesday morning in its new Changshu manufacturing center, just two hours northwest of Shanghai.

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The commencement of mass production means children in developing nations could have the rugged, open-source laptops in hand starting this month. The OLPC has already announced orders for kids in Uruguay and Mongolia. (Residents of the U.S. and Canada participating in the Give 1 Get 1 program – which donates an XO to a child in a developing nation for every machine sold online – are expected to start getting laptops in December)

The XO laptop, originally known as the $100 laptop, has seen its price creep up to almost $200. Additionally, Intel’s competing Classmate PC appears to be garnering bigger orders than the XO laptop.

I suppose only time will tell what the future will bring for the XO.