When Bill Gates says that everything in the world should be a computer, what he means is that everything in the world should be running Windows.

Mr Gates can scratch the One Laptop Per Child project off his list of “things to run Windows” after the announcement this week that the XO laptop would come with XP. That’s right, it will run XP — the operating system that Microsoft can’t kill, despite last week’s report that everything in Vista-ville is swell.

Conference season continues to power on — we spoke to Alan Noble from Google about its upcoming developer day in Sydney, and if you are going to CeBIT next week be sure to drop by the afternoon hosted by Builder AU where we will be discussing all manner of things involving open source.

Next time you start complaining about a bug in a product not being fixed, think about this bug in BSD that took 25 years to get attended to.

To close it out this week, here’s a security lesson on checking that your Web site does its authentication properly and just assuming that users will behave themselves.