XP stays on life support for longer

This week's Roundup looks at Microsoft's decision to extend the life of Windows XP, the release of Microsoft Surface SDK, Firefox's new Geode plug-in, Yahoo's new tool -- Smush It and more.

Microsoft has decided to make XP available for longer to PC makers, as businesses continue to reject Windows Vista. The company was to cease distributing XP after 31 January 2009, but has now pushed that date to 31 July.

More on the subject of Microsoft, if you're a fan of Surface and are planning to attend the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference in LA at the end of October, you can get your hands on the SDK. The company has also revealed that multitouch will be a part of Windows 7.

In other news, Mozilla has developed a new plug-in for Firefox called Geode, which is capable of recognising your physical location to deliver you more personalised content. For instance, if you find yourself in a new town, Geode can suggest good places to eat nearby and how to get there.

For all you Web developers, Yahoo has released a new tool for optimising images to help you improve the performance of your website. Smush It can reduce the file size of an image without jeopardising its visual quality.

Adobe has justified its pricing inconsistency of CS4 between the US and the UK, after attracting a lot of criticism. The main reason behind the product being cheaper in the US was the company's ability to achieve economies of scale.

In blogs this week, Rafe Needleman introduces Mail Goggles -- a Gmail feature designed to stop you from sending out embarrassing emails when you're drunk. Renai LeMay covered three new start-ups; marketbeagle, bitofpluck and iSportster; Brendon Chase blogged about iPhone engineers touring Sydney and Melbourne; and I covered Douglas Crockford's talk at Web Directions South -- "AJAX Security".

In videos, Apple drops iPhone NDA, we show you five services to turn off in Windows XP and how to change the Windows XP product key.

We end this week's round-up with Chris Duckett's list of the most awful movie moments depicting developers.

-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic