Yahoo settled the lawsuit filed by family members of Chinese journalists after the Internet company was found accountable for their imprisonment.

An excerpt from BusinessWeek:

Yahoo also is establishing a fund to provide humanitarian and legal aid to people serving prison sentences for expressing their opinions online. The company is still working out the details of who will be eligible for aid, how much will be offered, and how it will be administered. “At Yahoo, we believe in the transformative power of the Internet,” Yang’s statement said. “That’s why we are so committed to working to support free expression and privacy around the world.”

The Internet firm received a lot of criticism after it was established that information made available from its China operation was used to arrest Chinese journalists Wang Xiaoning and Shi Tao.

No details were provided regarding the settlement. However, the question remains as to what the best method is to ensure that companies handling sensitive information don’t get embroiled in human rights problems.

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Is conciliation the best form of support in such situations?