Yahoo! appears to be focusing on a social networking approach to link prospective candidates to employers. In an online venture titled Kickstart, users get to maintain online profiles (more like online resumes) and can link to groups representing prospective employers.

A quote from the article at TechCrunch:

Corporations and wannabe employers are provided with groups that users can join, but with a catch: to join a group you need an invite via a former student who works at that company. For those users who would prefer something a little more social, University pages are open to all students and include discussion forums, bulletins and events.

The site provides a clean slated approach to profile creation. Lately, there have been a number of services coming up centered on the social networking concept. And Yahoo! has been working hard at expanding its social networking profile, with the attempts to acquire FaceBook and Bebo and also with its own Mosh product.

Kickstart is being tried as a concept, and there are no confirmations of it coming out as a separate product yet. With social networking increasingly opening up new avenues for garnering online attention, will Yahoo! be able to make definite inroads?