The votes are in, and the results should help you stay one step ahead in this new year. The following articles were the most read, and hence the most popular, selections in CIO Republic for 2001. If you missed them the first time around, here’s your second chance.

No. 5: Acceptable-use policies for e-mail and Internet
Sometimes it’s harder to write the rules than to follow them, especially when it comes to e-mail and Internet usage policies. Use this collection of acceptable-use policies from four organizations as a springboard to create your own. This information was initially offered as a download to our members and was converted to article format due to popular demand.

No. 4: Corporate PDA evaluation
In his article “Pocket PC vs. Palm OS: Which is best for corporate PDA use?” Ric Liang evaluates the merits of both systems when it comes to enterprise-wide use. If you’ve been wavering between these two products, this article can help you decide which will make the final cut.

No. 3: Where IT stands in the battle of budgets
It’s been a year of “doing more with less,” and proving the validity of IT costs to nontechnical managers can be a real challenge. Many TechRepublic members found the budget pitfalls and tips in this Auerbach Analysis article, “In depth: Where IT stands in the battle of company budgeting,” to be a big help.

No. 2: Techniques to boost morale in lean times
If you’ve had trouble easing the worries and general dismay of your staff, read TechRepublic columnist Tim Landgrave’s techniques to boost technical employee morale in lean times. In this edition of his popular column, Landgrave presents a three-prong strategy to motivate employees during turbulent economic times.

No. 1:Personal firewalls for remote users
It’s obvious from members’ reading habits that everyone’s worried about network security. Loraine Lawson’s “A firewall for every laptop: How to protect your network and still allow remote users” was CIO’s most popular article of 2001. The article offers insight on how one IS leader decided on a vendor, deployed a firewall, and shares the lessons he learned along the way.

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