Yell, the business directory provider has rolled

out biometric single sign on to 1500 of their mobile staff.  The chosen

implementation – Imprivata OneSign ESSO, provides access to 10

applications via a single, biometric (fingerprint) sign-on.  The

biometric scanner used is the inbuilt security device in IBM notebooks. 

The move to a single sign-on will not only ease administration but also

help the firm meet compliance targets–the system will keep records of

staffs access to applications and computers; it can also detect

suspicious behaviour such as the sharing of log-ons, activity outside of

business hours etc.  Fingerprint recognition for desktops is also being


Have you had any experience with biometric interfaces?  I briefly used

the Microsoft fingerprint reader which was great, until I found they had

engineered it not to work with FireFox!