On November 3, 2005, I blogged about how the government needs to simma down with regulations and franchise processes regarding IPTV: “Republican and Democrats actually agree about something!”  Here is a snippet of that blog post: “Personally, I try to stay clear of political talk. I choose to speak passionately about other topics, like my son’s new PlayStation 2 controllers that are designed with NFL team logos (awww yeah…. he has two of them – Steelers and Broncos) – but that is an entirely different blog.”  

Well, here’s the entirely different blog I was talking about!  I purchased these PlayStation 2 controllers for my son as Christmas gifts, but they came out of the box on the day they arrived. He knew they were on the way – in fact, he looked online with me and picked out the ones he wanted. How could either of us resist? 🙂

I created a photo gallery so that you can see these beauties up close. After pizza and games on Saturday night, I had to wipe them off a bit before taking the photos. Aren’t they SHINY? Ok, now that I’ve had way too much fun at work for one day, I better actually get some work done around here. Hope you enjoy the photos! Oh, and if you’re interested in checking out the other NFL controllers for PS2 and Xbox, visit MadCatzStore.com.

Click here to view the photo gallery.