I frequently keep tabs on News.com’s Police Blotter, not because I am really into all that legal mumbo jumbo, but mostly because there are some really bizarro stories out there that involve the intersection of technology and the law.

For example, the most recent Police Blotter article talks about a Dom (real name Glenn Marcus and AOL chat room screen name “GMYourGod”) who is the Webmaster (sure, go with the pun) of SlaveSpace.com. It seems that one of his female slaves was very, very bad and went to the FBI after he refused to remove explicit photos of her from his Web site. Read the article in its entirety: “Police Blotter: Bondage Webmaster fights abuse conviction.”

Here are a few morsels from the story:

“Glenn Marcus’ SlaveSpace.com relied on a novel business model: Finding sex slaves on the Internet, tying them up, whipping them and posting photographs of the process online. Membership to SlaveSpace.com started at $20 for 30 days of access.”

What started as consensual BDSM — bondage, dominance/discipline, submission/sadism and masochism — turned into something much, much more…

“Marcus once burned Jodi (the ‘submissive’ plaintiff) with cigarettes all over her body. He put a whiffle ball inside her mouth and tried to sew her lips shut with surgical needles. Other encounters cannot be fully described in a mainstream publication.”

Still, the question remains whether Jodi agreed to these acts at the time or was an unwilling victim. Part of the whole BDSM experience is based on pain and servitude. Pleasure of the submissive is achieved by pleasing the Dom or Dominatrix.

“On March 5, Marcus was found guilty of sex trafficking and forced labor but not guilty of distributing obscene materials. His attorneys responded by filing a motion asking for a new trial or acquittal on technical grounds, including that the sex-trafficking law was not meant to apply to consensual BDSM activities.”

The request for a new trial (“Sir, May I have another?”) was denied. Marcus is set to receive his sentence on June 5, and it’s likely that he’ll get anywhere from 30 years to life in prison. If you were the judge and jury, what’s your verdict?