I believe that I made the right choice, almost two years ago, when I entered the IT industry. When I stumbled upon this site about eight months ago, I found a way to give something back. Here women can look for information, and even e-mail others in the industry about their experiences. A site long overdue! —Tracy Greenwood (The TechRepublic member who recommended I review this site).

It’s definitely a man’s world, especially in the new world of IT. When women try to keep up the breakneck pace, they often end up running into the glass ceiling. While regarding these harsh realities, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go that’s just for us IT women? Well, now there is such a place—Win IT.

Win IT (Women in Information Technology) focuses on women’s needs in the male-dominated information technology industry. It promotes projects, opportunities, and training for women at all stages of their careers and across all walks of life.

Win IT
Ramona Materi, president of CommunityTECH, best summed up Win IT when she said, “I think of computers like cars. Some women design them, some women assemble them, others fix them—and most of us just use them. You can already see the impact information technology has on our lives—we think it’s going to be even greater in the future. Not everyone wants or needs to work directly in the industry, but, as my mother always said, every woman should have the chance to learn how to drive.”

We are pleased to introduce…
Win IT is full of information, including advice for women who are considering a move into the IT field, and for women who struggle with their computer occupations every day. To make traversing this exciting career path a little easier, the site introduces visitors to:

  • Organizations for women in IT
  • IT trends
  • A TechEncyclopedia/IT glossary
  • Profiles of women in IT
  • Organizations and links for IT education and training
  • Career tools
  • IT job descriptions
  • Recruitment showcase

Additionally, you can get involved in the site by meeting the sponsors, becoming a sponsor, or becoming either an individual or organizational contributor.

Being an e-girl
If you find being termed a “girl” derogatory, sorry. Win IT affectionately calls the women of IT “e-girls,” and has two categories just for us: Fun Stuff and Work Stuff.

The Fun Stuff:

  • E-girl profiles
  • E-girl chats
  • How to get into the IT world
  • Fun Stuff links just for the e-girl

The Work Stuff:

  • Share your IT e-girl experiences
  • Training programs for the e-girl wannabe
  • Links to job opportunities for the e-girl
  • Profiles of IT women’s lifestyles, from work to home

Now it’s your turn to review the Win IT Web site. Just click on Rate this Site! and you can help separate the good from the bad from the ugly. It only takes a minute or two to complete your rating, so don’t waste any more time—rate this site now!
An out-of-sight site
IT women, no matter what role you play, what age you are, or what you want to do; this site is a must. The information that it provides and the support and sharing it offers are wasted if left unused. Let Win IT show you the way!

Meredith Johnston is a published writer and a girl, too, thank you very much.

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