I finally get to blog about one of my favorite subjects… GIRL POWER!!  This News.com story talks about the Women’s Game Conference in Austin, Texas: Getting girls in the game.” Sadly enough, 88.5 percent of video game makers are male, and so this conference presents an opportunity for people to talk about ways to close the massive gender gap.

“Attendees see the women’s game conference playing a key role in overcoming some of the historical hurdles to gender diversity in the industry.” However, the article closes by saying, “…despite the optimism at the conference, there is undoubtedly still a sense that women have a long way to go before they’re on equal footing in an industry which, rightly or wrongly, is often perceived as a boys’ club.”

I’m not a hard-core feminist, but I get a little fired-up when I read about stuff like this. I work and I play just as hard as any of my male family members, friends, and coworkers. Are video games just for guys? Don’t make me laugh. My son would be the first one to vouch that I got game, baby. I may not know how to design a video game, but I can sure play the heck out of one. Grrrrrrrrrrrr… *raising my lip, furling my brow, and bending my opposable thumbs*