There’s nothing like a news headline that warns cell phone customers that using the mobile product will make them sterile to capture the attention of at least half of the population. Apple has its hands full with these recent allegations against its popular iPhone. See the story on RedHerring: “Can iPhones Make You Sterile?

In a nutshell (pun intended):

Greenpeace said in a report Monday that Apple’s iPhone ear bud cords contain chemicals considered harmful to human reproduction. “The phthalates found in the headphone cords are classified in Europe as ‘toxic to reproduction’ because of their long-recognized ability to interfere with sexual development,” Greenpeace scientist David Santillo said in the report.

The Mac maker’s popular phone contains a number of substances—internally and externally—at levels prohibited for use in young children’s toys by San Francisco, which has its own environmental standards, and by the European Union, Greenpeace said.

For more information, check out these additional news sources:

Do you agree with Greenpeace and think that Apple should remove the harmful substances from its iPhone?


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