As the world’s economy continues to slow, many IT budgets are being cut or are remaining flat. With no end to the slowdown in sight, it’s important to stretch every IT dollar.

CIO Republic is calling on you, our loyal members, to submit your suggestions for making the most of that IT budget—and to share the ways you’ve saved on anything from recruiting and hiring to training and overall technology project development.

The five CIO members who submit the most innovative, feasible suggestions that could produce the most savings will each receive $50.

Tips to help you win
Here are a few pointers to help you claim the prize:

  • Be original: Avoid common suggestions, such as not replacing monitors when PCs are replaced. We’ll be looking for innovative ideas.
  • Be realistic: Don’t suggest solutions that are impossible or impractical for most organizations, such as firing the development staff.
  • Think big: While saving every penny is important, try to focus on solutions that you’ve implemented or helped direct that paid off with big savings.
  • Use real-life examples: If your organization has used one of your suggestions in the past or is currently using one, include that information. Be sure to tell us how much your organization has actually saved. Real-world solutions have a big edge over theoretical proposals.

Everyone can be a winner
You can submit as many suggestions as you like, but only one can be selected for the top five. And, even if you don’t make the top five, keep in mind that if we use your input or tip in an article, we’ll send you a TechRepublic mug or T-shirt—your choice!