According to a piece by Barbara Kiviat for Time magazine, your next job interview could take place via webcam.

Some companies are moving to this trend to save money, particularly in those cases when job candidates are flown in for a job interview. I’m all for saving money and for the idea that a job candidate might be more relaxed in the comfort of her own home, but, frankly, I don’t think the technology’s limitations would make for a very relaxing interview. I’ve never been in a meeting in which video was involved where there haven’t been a number of annoying issues, like dropped calls and delayed transmission problems. (There’s nothing more unnerving than to make a small joke and then have to wait 4 seconds to see if it went over.)

More and more companies say they are using Skype to interview potential employees; some even use it as a first screening by HR before narrowing down candidates. It seems like there would be some potential there for discrimination, but I guess it would be the same as an in-person interview if a company were so inclined to operate that way.

But if you are interviewing by video, be sure to remove all environmental distractions. Put the dogs out, remove the whiskey bottles from the area you’re sitting, and change out of those Spider-Man pajamas.