I’m interested in knowing if “poaching” is an issue with you or not. In the context of hunting or fishing, the term “poaching” means doing so where one isn’t supposed to.  In the context of a help desk or field support organization, I use the term to refer to a person who does a co-worker’s assignment or ticket.

Suppose you’ve been assigned a ticket but for some reason can’t get to it right away.  Maybe you’ve have some other ticket that’s open right now, or you’re otherwise occupied.  Later on, you do turn your attention to that ticket, only to find it’s been completed already.  Maybe you found out from reading the ticket, or maybe, when you got to the customer location, you learned about it from the customer.  Maybe you even passed your co-worker as he or she was leaving the customer location just as you were arriving. 

What do you think of this situation?  Has it ever happened to you, either because you were the one who finished the ticket for a co-worker, or because someone else finished the ticket originally assigned to you?  What was your reaction?  Were you happy because  you had less work or upset because the other person intruded on your “turf”?  How does your organization handle “poaching”? How effective or ineffective are any practices or policies you have in this regard?