Your voter data file is a treasure trove of personal data

L2's vice president of data Paul Westcott explains how gradual personal data helps political campaigns and businesses craft hypertargeted messages.

Your voter data file is a treasure trove of personal data

TechRepublic spoke with L2's vice president of data Paul Westcott to explain what companies can learn by analyzing granular data at large scale.

Westcott: "When you're talking about how the data's being used by campaigns, campaigns are essentially businesses that fold after nine months no matter what, whether they win or lose. So, these type of organizations basically need a platform that they can instantly access all the data they need and be able to put it into effect immediately.

So, when we're working and we provide a consumer file. We work with lots of small businesses. We work with lots of large organization that onboard our entire nationwide file, and there's certainly a degree of onboarding and maybe with some of our larger corporate clients, they can take a few weeks or even a month to bring in some of these huge sets of data. A campaign, much like a small business, says, "I've got a few weeks." Or days in some cases to get this up and rolling, not only onboarded.

So, we have to find solutions that quickly are able to provide the data, turn it on. Provide it quickly through a secure FTP or an API where the data's able to be pumped directly into their systems and make sure that it's working. So we have to hold their hand right up until the point that the data's usable and accessible and then from there make sure it's being spot checked and, you know, QA'd throughout the entire process. Make sure that they're getting the data that they wanted and it's working for them."

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