Zumobi, a company that is a spin-off from Microsoft, has released a novel user interface for mobile browsing.

An excerpt from ZDNet:

Zumobi is working with a variety of partners, ranging from Amazon.com, to MTV Networks, who are developing widgets, or “Tiles,” with which consumers can access on their mobile phones and other devices. The Zumobi interface does not allow users to browse the entire Web; it lets them browse via the tiles only.

At the heart of the interface is the ‘widgetized’ browsing experience. Users get to zoom in and out of content that is displayed in the form of an array of tiles. The tiles are continually updated from the Zumobi servers, essentially making for fast responses. The concept is a technology licensed from Microsoft’s research division.

Representing content as a set of tiles that can be shared is a novel concept to improve the mobile browsing experience. Also, the method makes for less intrusive advertising.

Mobile advertising is seen as the next major frontier for advertising. But with limited visual space, it’s a challenge for companies to develop advertising models that are perceived as less intrusive.

The Zumobi interface is not for Windows mobiles only. It will be made available for the iPhone and the Blackberry as well. Also, the Zumobi SDK is free and available for download.

Would you prefer your mobile experience totally devoid of advertising (considering that you may have to perhaps shell out a little more for that)?