The 10 hottest checklists, forms, and templates of 2010

TechRepublic published nearly 400 original downloads in 2010 -- from cost calculators to cheat sheets to logs, templates, and PowerShell scripts. Here's a rundown of some of the most popular items of the year.

This year, we added hundreds of resources to the TechRepublic downloads library, including PDFs detailing the latest technologies, problem-solving techniques, and tips for handling tasks efficiently. We also updated a few favorite custom tools and introduced some new ones. Among the biggest crowd-pleasers were several checklists designed help you systematically address tasks ranging from server deployments to virus removal to project risk management. Here's what you liked best in 2010.

1: Workstation Tune-up Checklist

Optimizing a slow-performing system requires a number of diagnostic and repair steps, often with interruptions along the way. This basic checklist will help you cover all the bases.

2: Virus & Spyware Removal Checklist

Eliminating malware requires a systematic process with no missed steps. This checklist will make it easier to do an effective, thorough job.

3: Definition Template for Smaller Projects

The first step in project planning is to define the work. This template will help you create a definition document to guide you through small to medium-size projects.

4: Project Action Item Log

Tired of meetings where the follow-up actions fizzle? Want to see a little more accountability so your projects actually get done the right way -- and on time? This simple form will help you keep track of who's supposed to handle what.

5: Network, PC, and server audit checklist

IT consultants can complete the fields within this checklist to catalog critical client network, workstation, and server information, identify weaknesses and issues that must be addressed, prioritize the issues the checklist reveals, and assign cost estimates to needed upgrades and repairs.

6: Server Deployment/Migration Checklist

One configuration error or overlooked step can send your server deployment off a cliff. This simple checklist will help you complete the process efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

7: Computer Hardware Inventory List

When you're troubleshooting hardware problems, you need to know the make and model of the equipment you're dealing with. But if you've never worked on the PC before, that can be a challenge. This update of our hardware inventory list will make it easy to record the necessary details for quick reference.

8: Telephone Interview Cheat Sheet

Speed up the hiring process by making the most of phone interviews. This cheat sheet can serve as a template for all your phone interview needs.

9: Daily Security Checklist

Hacking is a 24/7 business, but not everyone can afford 24/7 security managers. This checklist covers tasks you can perform every day to help safeguard your network even without a round-the-clock security staff.

10: Project issue submission form

Attempts to track the problems that arise in the course of a large project can quickly get out of hand. This simple form makes it easy to record the key aspects of a problem so that everyone knows how it may affect the project, who's in charge of fixing it, and how and when it's resolved.