10 CSS resources that will sharpen your Web design skills

You can get all sorts of cutting-edge ideas on how to put CSS to work with the help of the online resources listed here.

We all know about cascading style sheets (CSS), which are thoroughly documented within the W3C and incorporated heavily within the HTML5 standards. I've compiled a list, in no particular order, of some resources that will jump start your CSS resource library. I know that there are plenty of other CSS resources out there, and if you have any favorites that I missed, add them to the discussion below.

Note: This article is based on an entry in our Web Master blog

1: CSS Tricks

CSS TricksFigure A

Figure A

2: Noupe Design blog

Noupe Design BlogFigure B

Figure B

3: NYPL Online Style Guide

Figure C

Figure C

4: W3C CSS2 Specification

W3C CSS2 SpecificationFigure D

Figure D

5: CSS-Discuss

CSS-DiscussFigure E

Figure E

6: A List Apart

A List ApartFigure F

Figure F

7: CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen GardenFigure G

Figure G

8: CSS Cheat Sheet V2

CSS Cheat Sheet V2Figure H

Figure H

9: Deploy*

Deploy*Figure I

Figure I

10: Blueprint

BlueprintFigure J

Figure J