10 free security tools you should already be using

Ryan Naraine recently put together a photo gallery that describes 10 free security tools you might want to look into, and I just PDFed it for those who want to download the info in one consolidated document. The gallery includes one product that has since become defunct (Active Virus Shield), so I substituted another tool that received a secondary mention in his gallery (LinkScanner Lite). Here's a list of all the products discussed in the download:

#1: Secunia Personal Software Inspector

#2: OpenDNS

#3: Haute Secure

#4: LinkScanner Lite

#5: GMER anti-rootkit

#6: Netcraft Toolbar

#7: File Shredder

#8: CCleaner

#9: PC Decrapifier

#10: NoScript for Firefox

What additional tools do you think belong on this list?