10 keyboard shortcuts for tabbing around in Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer users officially entered the era of tabbed browsing with IE 7. No more wading through multiple browser sessions or time-traveling to previously visited sites via the Back and Forward buttons. For those of you who rely heavily on tabbed browsing, here are a few shortcuts that may save you even more time.

The shortcuts

Keystroke Function
Ctrl + Click Open a link in its own tab in the background
Ctrl + Shift + Click Open a link in its own tab in the foreground
Ctrl + T Open a new tab in the foreground
Ctrl + Tab (or Ctrl + Shift + Tab to reverse) Cycle between tabs
Ctrl + W (or Alt + F4) Close the current tab
Ctrl + number Jump to a specific tab by number — 1 through 8
Ctrl + 9 Jump to the last tab
Ctrl + Alt + F4 Close all but the current tab
Ctrl + Shift + Q Display the Tabs list
Ctrl + Q Toggle Quick Tabs view

By Jody Gilbert

Jody Gilbert has been writing and editing technical articles for the past 25 years. She was part of the team that launched TechRepublic and is now senior features editor for Tech Pro Research.