10 more projects Google should kill in the wake of Wave's demise

Wave has washed out. Now if only Google would deep-six a few more of its lamer projects.

Google has killed off Wave despite initial buzz that the experiment was going to change communication. The problem: Wave just didn't garner much of a following. Props to Google for ditching efforts that fall flat (Techmeme). But since we're housecleaning at Google, here are a few more projects that should be put out of their misery.

Note: This article originally appeared as an entry in ZDNet's Between the Lines blog.

1: Buzz

Annoying and just not quite right. Like Wave, it had some early juice and then just sort of fell flat.

2: Orkut

AOL had Bebo. Google has Orkut. Perhaps there's a following here, but at the risk of sounding downright antisocial, I'd nuke Orkut too.

3: Friend Connect

Build a real social network or go home. Google is still trying.

4: Google Desktop

Can be handy, but mostly it's a resource hog.

5: Google Base

You may be surprised to hear that this is still around (and in beta, of course).

6: Google Checkout

Is Checkout a mere distraction? It's a valid question, considering there are other dominant payment forces out there like PayPal. Update: A few folks pointed out that Checkout is important to Google's mobile ambitions. Knol got a write-in vote to replace Checkout on the kill list.

7: Google Toolbar

Why? Toolbars suck -- all of them.

8: Google Latitude

A few folks seem to like it, but the product inflates the search giant's creepiness factor.

9: Google Pack

If we want a Google app, we'll download them individually.

10: Photo Screensaver

This screensaver is part of Google Pack, but it can be downright annoying.

Honorable mention: Picasa

Jason Hiner suggested this one, and Sam Diaz and I shouted him down. Who's right?

Larry Dignan is editorial director of TechRepublic, as well as editor in chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet.

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