10 new blogs after CBS buys TechRepublic

TechRepublic joins the CBS family. As such, we've decided to fine tune our Blog network a little to make it a little more compatible. Check out what we'll be featuring in our New Fall Schedule.

Well, by now it's pretty much common knowledge that CBS has decided to buy TechRepublic's parent company CNET.  To ensure that TechRepublic remains a good fit with the rest of CBS, we'll be launching the following blogs as part of our New Fall Schedule:

  1. CSI: TechRepublic
  2. Everybody Loves Redhat
  3. The Late Late Late Show with Jason Hiner
  4. The New Adventures Of Old CPUs
  5. How I Met Your Motherboard
  6. 60 Megabytes
  7. The Young And The Wireless
  8. Two And A Half Network Administrators
  9. Survivor: Vista Vs. OS X
  10. Without A Tracert

Be sure to stay tuned to TechRepublic. And remember: THIS is CBS.