10 Things Call for Feedback: Who is the best person you ever worked with?

Have you ever worked with someone who had a major positive impact on your life, your job, and/or your outlook? Share your story with the rest of us.

If you watch the news, it's all bad. The newscasters focus all kinds of energy on the negative while glossing over the positive. Does your day feel like that? Do you feel like it's a series of bad events with a few good things sprinkled in but largely forgotten?

Stop the madness! Take part in our latest Call for Feedback and share something positive and uplifting with fellow TechRepublic members.

In your IT career, have you ever run across that one person who, when you look back, you realize was simply a Decent Human Being, a hard worker, someone who led a well-balanced life or had some other positive trait that made working with him or her a joy? Did someone in your IT past really bail you out of a bind? Did you ever work for someone who acted as a mentor or a guide?

We want your stories! If you'd like to submit a story but want to keep it anonymous, send it to me at tr10things@slowe.com. Otherwise, post your story below. I'll choose 10 good ones and summarize them in a future post.

By Scott Lowe

Since 1994, Scott Lowe has been providing technology solutions to a variety of organizations. After spending 10 years in multiple CIO roles, Scott is now an independent consultant, blogger, author, owner of The 1610 Group, and a Senior IT Executive w...