Poll: Top 10 alternative names for 'crapware'

Maybe the word 'crapware' says it all. But Michael Kassner is searching for a better descriptor for that plague of unwanted software. Vote for your favorite new name.

Over in the Five Tips blog, Michael Kassner shared several practical ways to get rid of that curse of the brand new PC: crapware. As he points out, crapware is messy and annoying -- and worse -- it can cause problems with your system. But he doesn't just hate crapware and the mess it can make -- he doesn't like the term crapware, either. So he asked TechRepublic members to suggest some better alternatives. The response (and the venting) have been enthusiastic. Michael made a list of the 10 terms he likes best so far. Now it's time to put it to a vote. Weigh in on your favorite -- or join the discussion and share your own suggestions.

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