The 10 best things about being laid off

There are plenty of bad things about a layoff situation -- but you may discover there are some good things, too. Here's what members came up with when challenged to look on the bright side.

Our recent article on The 10 worst things about being laid off offered a wry look at some of the damage that can occur when you're caught in a workforce reduction. (I just love that expression.) Sonja Thompson took the discussion in a different direction on the TechRepublic Facebook page when she challenged folks to find the silver lining in a layoff situation.

Several people jumped in with a positive spin. Here are 10 good things that can happen when you're laid off. See if this list reflects your experience.

From Jason Shepard:

1: More time for catch up on home renovations and long-postponed projects

2: More time to spend with the family

From Famia Marx:

3: No boss except yourself

4: No more worrying about an impending layoff

5: Discovering you can get by with less; getting the most out of what you have

6: More time to volunteer

7: Opportunities to improve your resume and hone your interview skills

8: Time and a possible incentive to start your own business

9: A chance to upgrade your skills

From Josh Wilkie:

10: Severance pay

Your turn

What (if any) positive experiences have you had after being laid off?