The top 10 TechRepublic tools and gadgets of 2009

We added a lot of great timesavers to the downloads library this year. Check out this list of the most highly rated items.

We added a lot of great timesavers to the downloads library this year. Check out this list of the most highly rated items.

The TechRepublic downloads library built up tremendous momentum heading into the final days of 2009. Along with hundreds of PDFs that introduce need-to-know details on the latest technologies, explain how to solve problems, and help you handle tasks efficiently, we updated a few favorite custom tools and introduced some brand new ones.

1: The XCopy Tool

The XCopy command has risen from the ashes of deprecation to save you time and make your file management tasks easier. This tool automates the process for XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

2: The ARP Gadget

Windows offers a command-line utility that lets you examine or modify the ARP cache. To make the tool easier to use, Greg Shultz has 'gadgetized' it for Vista and Windows 7.

3: The Netstat Gadget

The Netstat utility can help solve vexing connectivity issues - but its command-line interface isn't for everyone. This free Vista / Windows 7 gadget makes the tool much easier to use.

4: The Route Gadget

This handy gadget offers the diagnostic benefits of the Route command without the command-line hassles.

5: The Route Utility

This HTML Application uses the Windows Script Host and VBScript to give the Windows Route command-line tool a more friendly and efficient GUI front end. Use it the next time you need to troubleshoot Windows TCP/IP connectivity problems.

6: The PathPing Gadget

This Vista / Windows 7 gadget automates the powerful PathPing utility, making it easier for you to isolate the cause of network problems.

7: Windows Vista IPConfig Gadget

After building his Vista IP Configuration Tool, Greg Shultz responded to member requests and created this Sidebar gadget to make things even easier.

8: Windows Vista Registration Changer tool

When a system changes hands, it's a good idea to update the registration information to reflect the new user. This simple GUI app lets you quickly knock out the task so you don't have to wade through the Registry Editor to make the changes.

9: Windows 7 installation flowchart

A successful Windows 7 migration begins with careful planning and decision making. Rick Vanover built a flowchart to guide you through each step.

10: Unemployment Rescue Kit

When IT program manager Andrew Makar found himself the victim of unexpected downsizing, he mapped out a strategy for finding a new job - and it worked. The tips, tactics, and contact matrix tool included in this download will help you build your own plan of action for finding your next career opportunity.

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