Apple in the Enterprise: Top 10 posts of 2011

2011 was a turning point in Apple's history with the passing of founder Steve Jobs. It was also a year in which the iPad dominated the tablet market. Its popularity is reflected in the top posts of the year.

It was a significant year in Apple's history -- not the least of which was the passing of founder Steve Jobs in October. 2011 also saw the releases of the new iPhone with Siri and Mac OS X Lion as the iPad's popularity continued to surge and dominate the growing tablet market. That popularity reflects many of the year's top posts as you can see below.

Top 10 most-read posts for 2011

1. Documents To Go Premium enables MS Office app use on iPad

Erik Eckel has found greater business functionality on his iPad with the Premium app, Documents to Go, which allows you to get the most out of your Microsoft Office files on the iPad. Here's what it will do for you.

2. Tackle project management on your iPad with these apps

Erik Eckel finds himself taking care of more and more project management tasks in the field with his iPad. He discovered a few apps that are designed to power PM on the iPad.

3. Finding uses for the iPad 2: A skeptic gives it another shot

Vincent Danen once pronounced the iPad a "giant iPod" and passed on the original device; however, caving to pressure on the iPad 2, he revises his opinion on its usefulness.

4. Two SSH clients to consider for the iPad

Vincent Danen has used two SSH applications for the iPad that might come in handy if you need to remotely access a server. Here are his thoughts on iSSH and Prompt.

5. Looking ahead to Apple's next big product innovation

As Apple readies new product and software releases, is there a surprise on the horizon? Wil Limoges looks ahead and makes some predictions about a new product line.

6. Upgrading from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Lion: Installation guide

Not everyone who supports Macs in the enterprise is a Mac expert. This step-by-step installation guide includes tips and recommendations for the download-only upgrade to Mac OS X Lion.

7. How to share files using the iPad

Erik Eckel names his three favorite methods for sharing files among other computers with the iPad.

8. Infographic: iPhone users and security concerns

Does your organization support iPhones? You might want to share this infographic, which illustrates the major security concerns of iPhone users, to help promote security awareness for this device.

9. Securing Mac OS X Lion using Firewall and FileVault 2

Mac Lion has the features to protect even the most sensitive systems but users should be aware of unintended side effects of both Firewall and FireVault before enabling either.

10. Why iPad popularity is slowing PC sales

Erik Eckel makes a strong case for how iPads can be credited with slowing PC sales (as well as killing the netbook buzz). What do you think? Is the iPad really a killer device?

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