Apple iOS 4.3.3: Problems, maybe... improvements, definitely

There have been reports of WiFi problems with the latest Apple iOS update -- but Derek Schauland hasn't run into them. What he has noticed are some nice enhancements, including improvements to AirPlay and Safari.

Another iOS update, 4.3.3, was released recently in a much quicker fashion than expected once it was announced. It seems the expedited release was to correct issues with location tracking that were making the rounds on the Internet and in the media. The idea that Apple could see your location based on tracking was interesting -- and for some, a bit less than desirable. (I wonder how many of those who do not like the location-tracking file are Foursquare users... but I digress.)

Since the update became available, there has been more discussion about problems with WiFi after loading 4.3.3. When I read about the WiFi issues, I immediately downloaded the update on my iPad to see if I noticed any problems. Happily, I can report that I did not see any problems over the past day and a half with wireless or other items.

I can't say that the issues do not exist, but only that I haven't experienced them. This got me to thinking: If the bad things included with the latest iOS update are all over the Internet, what about the good features?

What are the features (additions or improvements) in iOS?

  • Improved AirPlay functionality-- Now AirPlay streams from the Photos app too, in addition to movies, music and other goodies
  • Safari performance improvements -- JavaScript and Safari as a whole seem to be a bit snappier
  • iTunes Home Sharing -- Share all your iTunes content across devices on your network. No download or sync needed. If you are on the same wireless network, content can be used between the devices.
  • iPad slide switch customization -- The switch on the iPad can be customized to work as a mute switch or to lock the screen position. Customizations can be made in the Settings app.
  • Personal hotspot -- This one is just for iPhone users, a hotspot to allow connections wherever your phone has data service.

These features are the latest additions to iOS, and from what I can tell, they work very well. As I get more opportunity to use the update, I will report back if the WiFi bug rears its ugly head.

My overall recommendation is to go out and get the update. iTunes handles backups quite well and requires syncing with your computers before allowing updates to be applied. For someone who likes to try whatever might be coming, like myself, this can be great, as it may allow you to roll back to a previous working configuration.