Apple Tablet: The name game

Would you like to name the new Apple Tablet? You've probably seen the leading contenders, such as the iSlate, but if that's a little boring for you, take a whack at it! Play the name game just for fun.

Just for today, I'm encroaching upon Geekend territory. If you're not a fan of frivolity, humor, or wasting precious time and brain cells, please stop reading now and check out our white papers and Webcasts in the directory. You've been warned.

With that out of the way, if you want to play a game -- sort of a word-play game, -- then stay right here. I've read so many proposed names for the new "Apple Tablet" and found some of them so amusing, that I thought I should throw it open to the creative members of the TechRepublic community. Here's your chance to name the thing, whatever it is. They couldn't possibly be so boring as to actually call it the Apple Tablet, after all.

The serious contenders seem to be the iSlate, the iTab, and the iPad (which many seem to abhor, if true). Some of the funny suggestions I've seen are the iReam and the MaxiPod (via @jkendrick on Twitter). Feel free to suggest a serious contender and/or a purely humorous name that you think will fit the new Apple product.

I'll get you started with a few I came up with:

  • iCan'tBelieveIt'sNotaSmartphone
  • iAmThatIAm
  • iKnow
And from fellow editor Mark Kaelin:
  • iFail
  • iNeedAMarket
  • iFooledYou
  • iNewton

He sounds bitter, doesn't he?

From editor Sonja Thompson:
  • iBrowse
  • "And for some reason, I like the Niblet"
In an instance of great minds thinking alike, Sonja also independently suggested iKnow. Here are some eye-catchers from Toni Bowers:
  • iCarumba!
  • iBrow
  • iWitness

I have to say, I really like the iBrow! We should all be working for Apple's marketing department, obviously. Well, maybe not Mark. Come on now -- I know you guys can do better. Make your suggestions below and please, try not to get yourself "moderated," if you know what I mean!