Apple updates Configurator with bug fixes and improvements

Wil Limoges reports on the updates and bug fixes released by Apple for its Configurator App that allows enterprises to manage Apple devices.

Apple has released a new version of Configurator version 1.0.1 with several significant bug fixes and stability improvements. If you are not familiar with Configurator, see my previous post discussing the release of the App used for managing iOS devices in business and educational environments. The most notable and welcome fix is an issue that can prevent the import of enterprise apps or apps developed in house by enterprise class companies and education institutions. Configurator 1.0.1 can now be updated from the Mac App Store. For additional information regarding Configurator or for supporting iPads in your environment visit and for iPhones, visit
Here's a list of the improvements and fixes that Apple has officially listed for this version update:
  • Enterprise apps packaged as .ipa files are imported and installed correctly.
  • Redemption codes for apps that contain a comma in their title can now be imported.
  • A redemption code may be reused to install an app on another device if the original device is unsupervised and erased by Apple Configurator, or if the app's installation did not complete on the original device.
  • The redemption code used to purchase an app in iTunes may also be used to install the app on one device with Apple Configurator.
  • The number of redemption codes remaining for an app is now displayed correctly.
  • Notes and bookmarks entered into iBooks and iTunes U are deleted when a backup is restored to a supervised device.
  • The WPA2 password is saved when editing a Wi-Fi profile payload.
  • The name of a stored backup is saved when edited.
  • The storage capacity of an 8GB iPod touch is now displayed correctly.
If you're using Configurator we'd love to hear about your experience.