Geek toolbelt: App monitors vulnerabilities on iOS

Derek Schauland reviews an app that helps you monitor iOS vulnerabilities from your iPhone or other iOS device.

Monitoring vulnerabilities is something that all network administrators and security professionals are accustomed to. These alerts come via email or are available on a website. The U.S. Government supports a list of these vulnerabilities on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

There is now, an app for that. In the Apple App Store, developer Gajen Sunthara created NVD+. The free application aggregates information from the NVD website and displays a rating from 0 to 5 of the severity of the vulnerability. It also pulls in the date the threat was recorded as well as some of the details about the issue.

Who should download this app?

Security professionals and administrators that use an iOS device or any iOS user looking to keep tabs on standards-based security threats might find this app handy.

What is missing?

I'd like to see the ability to take notes about particular threats within the application, so I could mark things pertaining to my environment and note steps I need to take to resolve the threat.

Below are screenshots from the app.

Figure A

The NDV iOS app

Figure B

Threat details

Figure C

Additional details

As shown in the selection of additional details, the threat information can be emailed to others or to yourself for further research. In working on this post, I have noticed that the support for the application seems to be very fast. If technical troubleshooting is as fast as development seems to be, users of this application should be quite pleased.

Bottom line

This application is a good start to getting an easy to use list of threats on your smartphone or other iOS device. Because of the popularity of the iPad, it would be nice to see the application ported to a larger screen, but the phone app is definitely a good start.

Would you find a threat list on your iOS device helpful?