How will HTML 5, Google, and the iPad play out in Apple vs. Flash?

Some see Apple's iPad as the latest ploy in a battle to bury Adobe Flash once and for all. Are they betting on HTML5, and what do the other major players stand to win and lose in the fight over Web standards? Take the poll.

In a post from yesterday, PCWorld's Galen Gruman declares that the "iPad Proves That Apple Wants to Kill Flash," and quite possibly Silverlight and other Internet apps while they're at it:

With the recent launch of the iPad, it's clear that Apple's goal is to do more than ignore Flash. Apple wants to kill Flash and the other RIAs. Its weapon of choice: the still-evolving HTML5 browser standard.

The HTML5 standard has its critics, particularly here at TechRepublic, but it does seem to be emerging into one of the main weapons in the Apple vs. Flash battle. So even while rival Google is cozying up to Flash with the news that the player will be better integrated into the Chrome Browser, Google is also using the HTML 5 standard to defy Apple's dumping of its Google Voice-related apps from their store, as Michael Kassner pointed out recently.

And as BNET blogger Erik Sherman, writes about HTML5:

It promises to do everything that Flash does, from delivering video and enabling slick user interfaces to providing a platform to develop small downloadable applications, without the need to download and install a browser plug-in. But exactly how HTML 5 works, and how well sites adopt it, is a contentious issue.

Sherman provides more great insight into all the major players involved in this Web standard fight in his post, "HTML 5: Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe Fight to Rule the Web."

Other than making our brains hurt, what are we to get out of all this maneuvering? Take the poll below and add your comments to the discussion.

By Selena Frye

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