Jobs needs a 'spaceship' to sail into the iCloud: New Cupertino campus design

Steve Jobs presented his plan for a "spaceship" building in Cupertino, CA, that will be Apple's brand new campus. Get a sneak-peek from his presentation to the City Council.

Steve Jobs isn't finished making news this week. He addressed the Cupertino City Council, laying out plans for the new Apple campus on a 98-acre tract purchased from Hewlett-Packard last year. Describing the circular building as looking a bit like "a spaceship landed," Jobs proclaimed in a vast understatement that Apple "is growing like a weed."

Apple plans to put 12,000 people into a single building (which I think looks a bit like a crop circle from the air) with all the parking underground and an abundance of trees. So whether you're interested in Apple technology or not, you might be interested just in the architecture and design features themselves. Check out the video of the presentation, posted by the Cupertino City Council on YouTube.

By Selena Frye

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