Living with Lion: How do you like your upgrade?

Now that Lion has been out long enough for users to start grappling with it, there are a number of reported bugs, roadblocks, and general annoyances. What's your experience with Lion? Take the poll!

Mac OS X Lion has been out for a few weeks and users have been confronting the usual glitches and issues that OS upgrades tend to bring. Certainly, Lion is breaking some new ground debuting as download-only from the Mac App store and bringing some fairly significant departures from past versions in features and design.

Note: Apple has been offering free Lion USB sticks to some customers with qualifying problems and will start selling them from the Apple Store soon for $69, according to recent reports.

CNET's Topher Kessler reports that some users are running into graphics issues that are serious enough to warrant a "downgrade" to Snow Leopard while Apple investigates a fix:

...a bug results in kernel panics when performing specific video-processing tasks, be it the movement of a window, or the editing and management of a graphics file. The systems will display a kernel panic message that mentions a "NVRM Read Error" and references some IO and graphics kernel extensions in the backtrace, suggesting the graphics systems are the root of the issue.

There have also been problems with Adobe Flash, boot camp partitions, and apps suddenly quitting. Not all users on all devices are experiencing the same problems, of course, so lets take a quick poll. Feel free to  describe your issue -- or lack of them -- in the comments and share workarounds.