Macs in Business: Best of 2010

The year for Macs in Business reflects the impact of one of the technology stars of the year -- the Apple iPad. These five posts provoked the most discussion of the year.

It's been a year of great tips and tutorials for using Macs in the business environment, but it's tough not to see 2010 as the "year of the iPad," which is reflected in the list below. Hype and speculation became reality and while some remained skeptical, many others were iPad converts, as evidenced by the year's sales figures. The five topics below provoked the most discussion.

#1 Three reasons Snow Leopard beats Windows in the enterprise

Erik Eckel gives his reasons for finding that Mac's Snow Leopard OS beats Windows in enterprise environments when it comes to maintenance, security, and performance. Read the original post.

#2 Why IT departments should support iPad users

Erik Eckel explains why he thinks IT departments should support iPad users and why it could even be a boon to IT staff. Read the original post.

#3 Apple Tablet could change computing

Erik Eckel considers the Apple's latest unveiling, the much-discussed slate/tablet design. Will it have the same impact as the iPod and iPhone? He thinks it has the potential. Read the original post.

#4 iPass on the Apple iPad: It's no netbook killer

Vincent Danen's anticipation turned to disappointment at the iPad unveiling. Here are his reasons why the Apple iPad fails to impress. Read the original post.

#5 Three reasons Windows 7 beats Snow Leopard in the enterprise

Erik Eckel has already given his reasons for Snow Leopard besting Windows 7 in the enterprise, now he lists three ways that Windows 7 beats Snow Leopard. Read the original post.