Pro tip: Print from your iPad

Find out how to print from your iPad 2 (or above) without installing a single driver.

AirPrint wireless
If you have an iPad 2 or above, and you need to be able to quickly print a document, email, web page (or just about any file), make sure you update your device to iOS 7. Why? Because the latest iteration of iOS has made printing on-the-go incredibly easy.

Thanks to AirPrint, you can print from your device without having to install a single driver -- you just open the file, make a few taps, and you're printing. However, the one caveat is that you can only print to AirPrint printers. For a full list of printers that are compatible with your iPad, check out this Apple support page.

If you happen to have one of these printers, all you need is to be connected to the same wireless network. Once you've managed that feat, you're ready to print. Here's how:

  1. From one of the Apple apps (such as Mail, Safari, Photos, Camera, Maps, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Filemaker Go, etc) tap on the square icon with the upward pointing arrow (Figure A)
  2. Swipe to the right or left until you see the Print button
  3. Tap the Print button
  4. Tap Select Printer
  5. When your AirPrint printer appears, tap it
  6. Select how many copies of the file you want to print
  7. Tap Print

Figure A

Figure A

iOS 7 printing on a Verizon-branded iPad 2.

That's it! Tablets continue to improve to the point where there's no debating their usage in the enterprise. With printing now a no-brainer, on-the-go users don't have to struggle with printing documents for meetings, business trips, or various corporate visits. If you have an AirPrint-capable printer, you're good to go.

Do you have any iPad printing tips or tricks? Share your expertise in the discussion thread below.