Produce high-quality video with Podcast Producer 2

Erik Eckel recommends Podcast Producer 2 in conjunction with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server if you need high-quality video production capabilities and easy distribution across a network.

Erik Eckel recommends Podcast Producer 2 in conjunction with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server if you need high-quality video production capabilities and easy distribution across a network.


Corporate video production and distribution is easier with Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server. Whether large organizations must create high-quality training videos for internal staff, professional demos for customers, or polished video presentations for others, Podcast Producer 2 can manage the challenge.

Podcast Producer 2 leverages Apple's Xgrid, Xsan, and Xserve enterprise technologies to enable high-volume production of high-definition video across large, distributed networks. Better yet, Podcast Producer 2 produces highly compatible videos, thanks to support for such commonly used video and audio standards as H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, DV NTSC and PAL video, and AAC MPEG-4, AMR Narrowband, and Qualcomm PureVoice. Further, using Telestream's Episode Encoder, videos can be re-encoded to Windows Media, Flash, and VC-1 formats.

How it works

Using Podcast Producer 2, producers can capture audio and video from a wide range of sources. Snow Leopard Server adds the ability to collect dual-source video, making it possible to display both a presenter and a computer display simultaneously. Audio and video can be recorded from both local and remote sources, including USB microphones, Webcams, and digital video cameras.

Podcast Producer 2 taps a workflow process that automates the creation, processing. and distribution of new videos. The intuitive workflow script guides producers through the entire process. Thanks to the ability to leverage templates, the workflow process encourages the creation of professional-appearing videos that boast a consistent look and feel, a definite branding advantage.

The workflow process then guides users through encoding the video. Most every common Internet-supported standard is supported, making it easy to publish videos to Web sites, iTunes, wiki pages, corporate servers, and even QuickTime Streaming Servers. Podcast Producer 2 introduces, too, Podcast Library, which supports long-term enterprise storage and archiving. RSS and Atom feeds can then be used, as part of the same workflow production cycle, to automatically alert audiences that the new videos are available.

In large enterprise environments, in particular, Podcast Producer 2 can tap the power of Apple's Xgrid technology to share encoding workloads across numerous Mac and Xserve workstations and servers. Xgrid systems automatically determine which connected Apple machines possess capacity and automatically assigns encoding responsibilities to those systems. Xsan deployments further enhance production and distribution on very large distributed networks.

One solution

Simplicity makes Podcast Producer 2 remarkable. Using just a single solution, users can consistently create, edit, encode and publish highly professional video productions. Thanks to an intuitive five-step workflow process-which starts with creating and naming a podcast, moves to importing audio and video content, editing the material, exporting the file, and then publishing the final work-Podcast Producer 2 makes it easy to produce high-quality content and leverage existing Apple technology infrastructure to encode and distribute training, demonstration, and other podcast material.

By Erik Eckel

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