What are your predictions for the Apple Tablet?

Before the long-awaited unveiling, review all the rumors and scoop making the rounds so far and let us know what you think the Apple Tablet will actually turn out to be.

One thing you can't deny about Apple: they know how to get people talking, hyping, and endlessly discussing their products -- even the ones that don't exist yet. We've been hearing rumors of the mystical Apple Tablet for quite some time now, but it does seem that an announcement/unveiling is nigh.

With all the details still up in the air, I thought it would be a good time to put your own personal predictions about the "tablet" out there for discussion and see just how good a prognosticator you turn out to be by the time this whatever-it-is hits the market in March. First, here's a good source for all the latest scoop at Gizmodo.com.

Let us know what you think about these questions:

  • What it will look like? (form factor, size, general cosmetics)
  • What will it do? Will it mostly combine a bunch of stuff that you now have separate devices for or will it offer something completely new and not seen before?
  • Who will it matter to? Consumers only? Business users?
  • What will it mean to IT pros?

Just for fun, I've included a poll below with a sampling of the predictions that I've seen here and there.