WWDC roundup: Here's the scoop on all the Apple announcements

If you were too busy to tune in to the WWDC keynote, and then too overwhelmed by all the headlines coming out of it, here's a break-down of the news, video/podcast links, galleries, and commentary from TechRepublic and our CBSi partners.

Even without a big hardware unveiling, Apple's WWDC keynote packed in a lot of news. Steve Jobs is increasingly frail-looking, but he didn't let that stop him from delivering the kind of announcements that have a way of shaking up the tech world. If you missed anything, or are still trying to sort out what it all means, here's a comprehensive guide to all the best coverage from TechRepublic, ZDNet, CNET, and CBS far.

From the beginning

Prior to the keynote, TechRepublic's Editor-in-Chief Jason Hiner got the ball rolling with some speculation/predictions on what iCloud would like and what Apple's bet on the cloud would portend. See how he did: Apple's next frontier: Your data.

If you really want the off-the-cuff reaction of tech editors as it happened, you can read the Live Analysis transcripts or watch the keynote for yourself:

CBSi editors continue to slice and dice the news in post-announcement analysis and commentary:




CBS News


Stay tuned

In the weeks ahead, our bloggers will offer continuing analysis of these developments as they pertain to business users, including tips and features on Mac Lion, iOS 5, iCloud, and more.

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