Android SDK updated, enterprise Metro apps, debugging Maps

Google today announced the release of an update to the Android SDK and development tools; a glimpse of a Metro business app has appeared; and the mad world of Google Maps.

Mobile developers, its time to fire up the Android SDK Manager and hit those two buttons that say "Install 12 packages" and "Delete 6 packages" to update the Android SDK to revision 17.

Headlining the changes is the ability to use hardware acceleration for x86 system images with the Android emulator, and the many updates to Lint.

The full list of changes can be found in the announcement.

Microsoft has shown glimpses of how enterprise-class applications would look when Metro-ised for Windows 8. I can't say I'm convinced by them; they look good as mock-ups, but information-heavy application designers are really going to be tested to distill their applications down into the Metro way.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading this fantastic war story from Opera's Hallvord Steen as he debugged his way through Google Maps' twisted, minified, and obfuscated JavaScript.

As someone who has looked into that abyss before, my hat's off.

By Chris Duckett

Some would say that it is a long way from software engineering to journalism, others would correctly argue that it is a mere 10 metres according to the floor plan. During his first five years with CBS Interactive, Chris started his journalistic adven...