Around the Grounds: Aussie clouds and NSW dominates tech growth

We find that New South Wales is the place to be for growing tech companies in Australia; we point out a summary of Australian cloud options; and we've got a little something about Star Trek Voyager.

If you are looking for a locally based cloud solution, the folks over at ZDNet Australia have a round-up of eight cloud providers. Providers that had the rule run over them included Amazon, Ninefold, Telstra, and Optus.

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Report measures the fastest-growing technology companies, based on revenue growth, over the past three years. Of the top 50 companies, half were based in NSW, and 19 were from Victoria. Three companies represented Queensland, two were in South Australia, and only one represented Western Australia. Sectors included in the report were communications/networking, software, electronics, biotech/medical, internet, and computer/peripherals industries.

Since this report was based on revenue growth, it is able to make claims that revenue growth has halved from 425 per cent to 209 per cent -- someone call up Henny Penny, 200 per cent growth is simply dire!

Over in the flamewars section, Jay Garmon has waded into the Star Trek universe and declared his five worst Star Trek: Voyager episodes of all time. Full credit to Jay for being able to narrow it down to five. Anyone else remember staying up past 10.30pm to watch new episodes on free-to-air TV?

By Chris Duckett

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